Deer Deterrent Dog Decoy System -includes Scent Disk Accessory Kit

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Deer Deterrent -Special Package Pricing!

The Dog Decoy and the Scent Disk Accessory Kit for Deer is included in this special package.


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The movement of the Dog Decoy and the natural predator scent that is emitted from the Scent Disk Accessory, will keep deer away from trees, it will keep deer away from plants, and keep deer out of crop fields and it will keep deer out of vineyards. The Dog Decoy is a natural deer repellent with no chemicals and it will last for years.

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The Dog Decoy moves in the wind and deters geese, deer, seagulls, rabbits, groundhogs, woodchucks, raccoons, and other unwanted varmint.

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The Scent Disk clips to the dog decoy and emits a predator scent. The movement of the Dog Decoy along with the Scent Disk is a very effective deterrent. Select a Scent:  Choose 'For Deer' to keep away Deer and Coyotes. Click on More Info to learn more about our Scent Disk.


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