How to Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons can be destructive! Raccoons can eat away at a vineyard each night, leaving nothing but bare vines left. They can rob fruit trees, and clear out bird feeders and pet food.

The Dog Decoy when placed in an open area near what they come to eat, is very effective at keeping raccoons away. If they are coming to eat anything store bought, such as bird food, pet food, or garbage, be sure to remove those sources for the first week while the Dog Decoy is out. You will want to break their habit of coming to get that food.

Using the Dog Decoy to protect natural plants, such as grapevines, fruit trees, or other plants, you will find the raccoons will go somewhere else to find a similar food source. It is the stuff they cannot find in the wild that needs to be removed for the first week to break their habit.

The Dog Decoy should be moved to a slightly different place a few times the first week. After that, move the Dog Decoy a few times per month to keep it effective. The added Scent Disk Accessory is important to use in conjunction with the Dog Decoy. While the Raccoons are nocturnal and will be able to see the Dog Decoy at night, the Scent Disk Accessory will emit a natural predator smell that will keep them away. Using both the Dog Decoy and the Scent Disk Accessory Kit is both a visual deterrent and a scent repellent that works great for keeping those raccoons away.


Many customers have found great success with the Dog Decoy and Scent Disk Accessory Kit to keep the racoons out of vineyards. The Dog Decoy also keeps the raccoons out of fruit trees.

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