How to Keep Rabbits Away From Plants and Gardens

Rabbits can nibble away at all of your plants and vegetable gardens. This can be very costly when you think of the time and money spent planting, not to mention the effort and care of watering and nurturing your plants, only to be eaten by the bunnies.

Rabbits can also ruin sheds or garages if they nest in or under them. Once the rabbits create their nests, the baby rabbits stay in their nests for 3 weeks. Many times the smell of all those rabbits will be a smell you cannot get rid of because the urine has saturated wood fibers. Rabbits can really stink!

To keep rabbits away from plants and out of gardens without a fence, you can use the Dog Decoy along with a Scent Disk Accessory Kit. The movement of the Dog Decoy scares rabbits away. The natural predator scent emitted from the Scent Disk Accessory will keep rabbits away before they even see the Dog Decoy. With the use of the Dog Decoy and Scent Disk Accessory Kit together, the rabbits will be sure to stay away.

Simply place the Dog Decoy with the Scent Disk Accessory Kit in the area near where they normally are seen. They should not come back to this area at all. Move the Dog Decoy to a slightly different location once or twice the first week, and once or twice per month after that.

Using the Dog Decoy in the area of a shed prior to the nesting period in the Spring, will discourage them from nesting again in that location, even though they may have in prior years. Breeding season for rabbits is typically in the Spring and can continue throughout the Summer months. The gestation for rabbits is 30-days and each year they can have multiple litters of up to 8 rabbits in each litter. That is a lot of rabbits running around!


Many customers have found great success with the Dog Decoy and Scent Disk Accessory Kit to keep the rabbits away from their gardens and away from sheds.