How to Keep Geese Away

The movement of the Dog Decoy keeps pests away so you can enjoy your property again. Geese can be extremely messy. Their droppings get tracked indoors and can be a health hazard. After geese have been on the property, no one wants to walk around in their mess.

The Dog Decoy protects your property by keeping those messy geese away.

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We had an ugly 4' plastic fence alongside our water edge of 150' for the past year to keep the geese from jumping out of the water onto our lawn. I was hesitant to get a fake dog as people told me the geese learn that it is such and will come back. However, I decided I had to give it a try and the dog silhouette has worked 100 percent. In anticipation of the snow and very high tides, I took it down, and within 30-45 minutes the geese had jumped up onto my dock.I suppose the geese learned that the moving dog silhouette was "a dog after all". It has only been 4 days since I immediately put it back, but I'm certain the dog silhouette will again keep the messy geese away. Now my hardest part is name my "new dog"!!!!!

Steve Brice

Amazing product! We built a new home on 8 acres with a pond and was inundated with geese everywhere. They especially liked our new grass seed. We put the amber light out at night which worked but they returned every day. I purchased your product and have not seen a goose since putting up the watch dogs! We have had several very funny calls from neighbors, but trust me they have been amazing!

Thank you.
Debbie Scofield

Just a quick note to say that we love your product….we have nicknamed our watch dog Rufus, and to date he has by far been the most effective tool in keeping the geese off of our dock. You can actually see the apprehension in the geese’s eyes as they swim by the dock, spot Rufus, and decide not to hop up to drop their unwanted poop.

Thanks Again
The Blakely Family
Lake Sammamish, WA

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