How to Keep Seagulls Away

Seagulls can leave a horrible mess on buildings, rooftops, boats, docks, swimming rafts, and other areas they frequent. Their droppings can make people sick when they come in direct contact or when they breathe in particles from their dried feces. Not only is the seagull poop dangerous to your health, it stinks!

Our Dog Decoy on the Wooden Base works great to keep seagulls away. Just place the Dog Decoy in the area that the seagulls would normally be, and they will stay away. It is the movement of the Dog Decoy that works to scare seagulls away. Unlike other products to keep seagulls away, there is no netting, no spikes, no chemicals, or hassle. Simply place the Dog Decoy on the Wooden Base and place where the seagulls are. They will go away and stay away. Our Dog Decoys are easy to use, cost effective, and maintenance free.


This news feature story from Fox News shows our Dog Decoys used to keep docks clean from seagulls. This is an older story and you will see our Dog Decoys have improved quite a bit since this story aired.

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