How to Keep Woodchucks/Groundhogs Away

Woodchucks or Groundhogs can be a nuisance and difficult to get rid of. They can also bring fleas and mites into your yard. They eat crops and dig burrows that can cause the ground to sink. This may cause sidewalks or driveways to sink in or collapse.

A humane way to get rid of woodchucks and groundhogs is to scare them away. A Dog Decoy with the Scent Disk Accessory provides a visual deterrent and scent repellant that will get rid of woodchucks and groundhogs.

Just place the Dog Decoy and Scent Disk Accessory in the area that the woodchuck has been seen. The motion of the Dog Decoy and natural predator smell emitted from the Scent Disk Accessory will scare a woodchuck away.

Move the Dog Decoy every few days the first week, and a few times a month after that.


Many customers have found that the Dog Decoy keeps the Groundhogs and Woodchucks away better than any other product they have tried.

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